We install and maintain webcams in the most challenging places.

No power? We can run our cameras on solar. No network? We can run them on cellular. Bad weather? We already have a camera installed on the side of a mountain at Pine Creek Ski Resort in Wyoming. You think you have worse weather than that? Have you been to Wyoming, in the winter?!...

Our webcams are comprised of Raspberry Pi mini computers with camera modules installed. Outdoor cameras are housed in weatherproof enclosures. The webcams are administered remotely via SSH. Power to the most essential components are also remotely managed.


We have installed four new webcams at Cherry Peak Resort in Cache Valley, Utah. All of these cameras are able to stream live on YouTube!


We have installed webcams at Cherry Peak Resort in Utah and Pine Creek Resort in Wyoming.


The Emery Water Conservancy District webcam is located in Castle Dale, Utah. The timelapse video is updated hourly. The camera is currently taking pictures every five minutes.